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SEZ operations

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The production is focused on plastic compacts pressing using the method of plastic injection or compression. The material processed: ABS, PA, PBT, PC and formaldehyde resins. The used manufacturing equipment is plastic injection press machines, clamp force from 200 to 4,400 kN, the maximum injection capacity 15 – 2,500 cm3. The maximum injection weight is 12 – 2,200 g. The compression presses usually work with the pressing force from 800 to 1,500 kN. Other technological equipment: vibratory finishing equipment, material drying equipment, briquette press, waste disposer. The makes of the presses used are Arburg, Boy, PAY, CBJ, CS, CSB and KM.

New equipment:
Nis Arburg A370 – with two injection units – for double-component plastic injection; currently used as the traditional A 370;

A820 and A920 Arburg presses for the compacts up to 2.2 kg – production of SZR, PS100 boxes and of OJC, JIP covers;

The galvanic surface treatment that the company performs is the bulk and stationary zinc plating with chromate treatment /yellow or blue/, bulk and stationary silver-plating and nickel-plating, bulk tin and copper-plating.

In 2008 the galvanic surface treatment process became fully automatic. The quality of the products increased and so did the throughput.

The type of the organic layer surface treatment that the company carries out is the application of synthetic, nitrocellulose or baking paints, for which the spraying or dipping method is used.

PRIMARY PRODUCTION (Metal pressing, machining shop)

The primary production is focused on mass-produced formed parts and metal-cut components. The galvanizing process and the paint applied on the part surface are the two surface treatment methods used. The primary production also deals with welding of the metal sheet vessels and other structures. In cooperation with the supporting units of the joint-stock company the plant is able to fully cover the parts manufacturing in accordance with drawings delivered. Another possible cooperation lies in the parts manufactured based on finished preparation delivery. The parts are manufactured by simple, sequenced, and combined tools for processing 0.1 to 8 mm thick metal sheets and strips made of Fe, Cu, Ms, and AI. The Press Shop is equipped with the latest automatic high-speed BRUDERER BSTA 41 and BSTA 50, with forming and assembling automatic BIHLER GRM 50s, forming automatic TALO 25 and TPO 25 A and with traditional eccentric presses for mass production of up to 2.5 mm thick components and for small-scale production of 2 - 8 mm thick, occasionally also 15 mm thick metal components with the forming force from 10 t to 160 t (LEN 10A, LEN 25C, A, LEN 63C, LEPA 100 VA, LEK 160). The primary production also includes the resistance welding of subassembly and assembly units. The 4OkVA and 8OkVA pneumatic spot-welding machines and 4kVA and 10 kVA pneumatic micro spot-welding machines are applied.
The equipment designed to weld Fe, Cu, Ms, Br, bimetal and their combinations

LEN 160 F press including a leveller and a feeder - press force 160 t, number of strokes 55/min – for the components with maximum 4 mm thickness and for 200 mm wide strips (products: Gewindering, components produced for EMBRACO, components produced for circuit-breakers);

Burkhart EBU H63 press including a leveller and a rotary feeder - press force 63 t, number of strokes 45-140/min – for the components with maximum 2 mm thickness and for 200 mm wide strip (products: components produced for EMBRACO, components for circuit-breakers, cam switches and EIM);

The parts are manufactured in the Machining Shop depending on the parts volume and complexity. The parts are produced on the conventional technology, i.e. on the centre, turret and finishing lathes, milling, drilling, grinding machines and threading machines. The mass production is carried out by automatic single-spindle turret /A20, A2OB, A4OC/, automatic long-turning /AWA 4M, AWA 7, ADA 6, AWA 10, AWA 16, AWA 25 / and automatic multi-spindle high-performance /TORNOS SAS 16 DC/ lathes. The tubular rivet production is carried out at the JUS. The continuous grinding is performed by 3M 182, BB 10 centreless grinding machines. The mass production of the precisely formed components is executed using chuck and turret NC lathes /SPL 25 NCA, SPRY 40 NC/. Apart from machining this technology is also productive in connection with threads and thread wheel production when applying plunge and partially continuous method /UPW 12,5.1, UPW 3 1 ,5. 1 00/.

ESOMATIC D2 Speed automatic machine – Designed to produce rotating components made of maximum D3 wire – including a rotary leveller and rotating sheers;

TRAUB TNL12K automatic CNC lathe - for turned parts with maximum D 12 – including an automatic bar feeder, components produced for circuit-breakers, surge guards, EIM (only the tuned part so far);

PUMA DOOSAN 300 CMS automatic CNC lathe - for turned parts with maximum D 100 – possible complete machining (3 driven tool heads) – including an automatic bar feeder, components produced for disconnectors and hoisters (only the tuned part so far);

Many of the assembly units, especially those in the field of VN devices, are welded. The welding of the vessels and other structures is mainly carried out by semi-automatic MIG – MAGs in the C02 or mixed atmosphere. The low-carbon steel is also gas-welded.

JUS working point
JUS is designed to weld the extractor and bi-metal (TEMEX); cycle time 5 sec. – cable compaction, point welding to the inlet, point welding to the extractor and point welding of the extractor to the bi-metal;

JUS magnet riveting (TEMEX); cycle time 5 sec. - point welding Ag contact to the face of the magnet, bending the face, riveting to the magnet and the core;

JUS inlet screwing (KSB); cycle time 4.5 sec. – mounting of an assembly unit for JUS extractor - screw, inlet, casing screwed together;

JUS threading of E15104-5 terminals – (TU Košice) – threading M4 terminals for cam switches;
2 pieces of automatic VAFIOS coilers – for coils up to D 2 mm;
The following shall be also delivered:
JUS – Arc chute assembly (14 spark arresters) – OEZ Letohrad;
JUS – Connection to the contact via cable and tie rod – TEMEX;
SIPRO automatic coiler – Designed for coils up to D 3.5 mm;

Assembly of VN devices and hoisting equipment;
Assembly of electric devices: disconnecting switches, sockets and switches
circuit-breakers and accessories;
The assembly is usually carried out manually using various means and tools or semi-automatically.
The assembly is performed mainly by women due to the size of the components in question.
The assembly also includes production of sub-assembly units, testing, description and packaging.



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